Socrates Sculpture Park

Sheree Kaslikowski


Exhibition: 10th Anniversary, Part 1, 1996

Here, 1996
Marble, plant material
7' x 10' x 13'

Here is a three dimensional haiku composed of sculpted form, landscape and poetry. Its offering: to discover a sense of reverence for the moment at hand, through the quiet within. Here was created to honor the memory of my father, whose spirit inspired its presence. Here. And you who have come to listen/may wonder at the silence/when standing still/leaves you open to the sky.../And you who have come searching/lay down your bundles/there is quiet enough/for you here. SK©1996. I would like to thank everyone who shared in its becoming.

Exhibition: 50 NY 93, 1993

Flight and Balance, 1993
Forged & welded steel, red oak, mica, steel pipe, earth circle

"From our origin, the earth, / We slowly venture upward, / ever finding our balance, / until the time / of letting go / our dreams, / our selves, / to fly"

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