Socrates Sculpture Park

Charles Harlan

Exhibition: EAF12: 2012 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition, 2012

Roll Gates, 2012
120” x 150” x 150”

Roll Gates consists of four readymade, steel roll-gates, unmodified except for their relationship to each other.  Assembled not as substitute for a door, but as a functionless representation of a door, which can only offer an ambiguous depiction of a gateway. Inspired from a patchwork of sources, from the Kabba at Mecca, to the Ishtar gate in ancient Babylon, and to contemporary urban industrial architecture, Harlan creates an uncanny experience, stunting viewers as they attempt to enter a gateless gate.

Special Thanks: Andres Laracuente, Stephen Lichty, Blevin Shelnutt, and Jasmin Tsou


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