Socrates Sculpture Park

Darrell Petit


Exhibition: 10th Anniversary, Part 1, 1996


Untitled, 1996
Stony creek granite
11' x 8' x 10'

My recent works are situations, as I conceive them, whose granite elements exist in a state of interdependence, balance, contingency -- sometimes with a critical breaking point. The elements are crudely extracted granite forms from the earth that reveal an accumulation of geological time, as well as human labor. Given the long axis of such time, longer than a human lifetime, it is possible to imagine the change that is likely to occur in the situation, the movement in what is for the moment a static situation. Through closer observation of the details of the sculpture it may be possible to internalize the "feel" of structual forces as human experience. A viewer might be led to personify the granite by taking the point of view of each, coming to a conlclusion that the stones represent a human relationship. Against this notion, however, work the greater-than-human scale and the geological time frame of the process of the material.

Exhibition: International 94, 1994

untitled (three elements), 1994

72" x 36" x 49", 120" x 38" x 25"

Metaphorically, the quarry is the inside of my head cut open to expose my brain, a site where perpetual drilling, blasting and excavation are part of an ongoing process. Elements exist in geological space/time, balance contingency, and often with a critical breaking point.

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