Socrates Sculpture Park

Limited Editions

Produced in partnership with Plaxall

Prepositional, 2008
Edition of 25
Vacuum formed PETG plastic, cast urethane, stainless steel, antlers
24"x 21"x 21" (antler dimensions variable)

Courtesy of Anton Kern Gallery
Special thanks to Andrew Kirby, Amit Patil, Matt Quigley, and Judhistir Motieram of Plaxall

$5,500 (tax included) + shipping and handling

Socrates Sculpture Park, a world-renowned exhibition space and studio program, is embedded within LIC's rich industruial community. Plaxall is a custom thermoforming design house that remains a leading innovator after more than 70 years in the industry. With a staff of highly skilled designers, engineers, model makers, and machinists, Plaxall handles all stages of plastic packaging from custom design through manufacturing in their long Island City plant. Michael Joo's Prepositional, 2008, produced by Plaxall, represents the first in a series of specially commissioned projects that pairs Socrates' artists with local Long Island City manufacturers. This Project is a forum to highlight and acknowledge the wealth of expertise, resources, and inginuity that local manufactures contribute to the Park's resident artists, and to explore the potential for formal creative partnerships between them.

All proceeds from the sale of this special edition will benefit the exhibition and artist residency programs at Socrates Sculpture Park.

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