Socrates Sculpture Park

Sylvia Benitez


Exhibition: 7,840,800 cu ft, 1999


China Money, 1999

Ancient Chinese money is circular with a square interior. To spend it a person would break off a piece of the currency and use this piece, bit by bit, to purchase his goods.

My sculpture is constructed in the shape of ancient Chinese money. It is made of many pieces, as if the money had already been spent and then frantically reassembled. The wood used in this sculpture was collected from the streets by a homeless man, Johny, whom I paid a dollar per good piece. The interior square hollow was built around a cardboard box. Funny, although the cardboard box is the quintessential emblem of homeless housing, there was no implied association. Or was there?

This work could be a commentary on the timeless addage, Waste not Want not, urban recycling basic form, creative inspiration, social awareness, or simply a trying on of a new medium and construction approach. However, to me, it represents the thoughts that triggered the thoughts that ocurred while making it. I look at the work and remember where I was, who I was, and what I was thinking.

Exhibition: 50 NY 93, 1993

Vine Balls, 1993
Kudzo, monkeyvine
Approx 4' in diameter each

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