Socrates Sculpture Park

Marina Peterson

Exhibition: Float 09, 2009

Sounding #006, 2009
(In collaboration with: Mitchell Goodman )
600 gram weather balloon standard inflated diameter 12', helium tanks, 1100 yards of fishing wire, video camera

Closing the event on Saturday evening, siblings Jesse and Marina Peterson will perform songs and improvised music. Marina is a cellist, performing primarily experimental contemporary and improvised music, and an anthropologist, currently working on her book, “Sounding the City: Civic Performance in Downtown Los Angeles.” Jesse has collaborated with a wide range of artists and musicians. Jesse will play guitar, violin and mandola and provide vocals.

Untitled, 2009
(In collaboration with: Jesse Peterson )
One microphone, 2 amps

We'll do a mix of songs and improvisation, modes of "mixing" tbd.

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