Socrates Sculpture Park

Joel Perlman


Exhibition: 10th Anniversary, Part 2, 1996

Sky Hawk, Bright Star, Twister, 1988
Steel, aluminum, steel
109" x 36" x 36", 120" x 56" x 34", 108" x 36" x 36"

My process is spontaneous, intuitive, never planned. I often take the lead from the process of cutting, welding, grinding and much trial and error. Twister and Sky Hawk are pieces made in this way. The negative spaces are made in this way. The negative spaces are as important as the shapes that exist. The natural oxidized finish is to reinforce the shades. Bright Star is one of the first works to be built in aluminum. The reflection of the light and its ability to change with the time of day is a new interest.

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