Socrates Sculpture Park

Ingrid Hartlieb


Exhibition: Pop Up, 1995


Only for the Open Sky, 1995
14' x 13'6" x 13'6"

I created a wooden body, which is shaped like an antique vessel. The vessel is completely open on top and has a height of about 1ft. and a diameter of about 13ft. The whole vessel will be visible only from above. This is explicitly expressed in the title of the sculpture: Only for the Open Sky. The title includes an allegorical and metaphysical dimension. To realize the sculpture I used lumber from different species of wood, such as: maple, pine fir, oak, etc... The piece is built in many layers that are screwed together. The construction shows the steps of each layer and the surface shows the variety of wood colors as well.

Many thanks to Enrico, Ivana, Peter, Clem, and Joel. Special thanks to my personal assistants, Nicole Tschampel and Monique.

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