Socrates Sculpture Park

Gene Flores

Exhibition: 10th Anniversary, Part 2, 1996

La Pavillon du Papillon, 1996
Steel, stone
10' x 8' x 8'

Exhibition: Sculptors Working, 1988

El Puerto del Arroyo (second configuration), 1988
Steel, stone
7'6" x 32' x 4'6"

"El Puerta del Arroya," the second configuration of a landscape work, arises from the rubble of a broken haiku.

Exhibition: Artists Choose Artists, 1987

Eight Moon Gate, 1987
9'6" x 17' x 4'2"

I sensed the correlation between the river, the park, and the people to which I responded with the idea of symmetry upset so many times and returning again and again. There is sound as a tool to restore silence.

Exhibition: Outside In, 1987

Corten Memory of the Mojave River, 1987

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