Socrates Sculpture Park

Workshops: Kids


Saturdays, May 11 - September 2812 - 3 PM
These workshops for kids and their families are free and offered in the Park's education area on a drop-in basis. Participants work with a different artist each week, exploring innovative art mediums and a variety of subject matter.

Note: If arriving in a group of 10 or more, please contact us the week prior to your visit by calling 718.956.1819.


May 11: Kite Flight  11 AM - 2 PM
in collaboration with The Noguchi Museum
Using recycled materials, participants will draw inspiration from the Park's fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline to build and decorate a kite, and then fly it in the Park.

May 18: Art Mobiles with Janelle Iglesias
Mobiles are hanging kinetic sculptures that rely on balance. Challenge your imagination and learn some tricks to create your own mobile by re-purposing simple household and recycled materials.

May 25: Dream-Big Catchers with Heather Hart
Learn to create your own version of a Native American Ojibwa dream catcher. Do you sometimes have nightmares? Have you ever watched your pet dream? Do you have big goals for your future? Dream catchers were created to help clean the air of bad dreams so the good dreams could have a clear path to your mind and heart. Using natural materials from the Park, learn traditional and new techniques to create a personalized dream catcher to take home as a gift or hang above your bed as a charm.

June 1: Heads on Sticks with Beth Garrett
Repurpose your plastic bags and help save the environment! Come experience how you can turn your plastic bags into expressive puppet-like heads that we can stick in the ground like a scarecrow or raise up as we march around the Park in a parade. You will discover the beauty in the color and print of the plastic bags while working in this environmentally friendly, sculptural art form.

June 8: Extreme Makeover - Bike Edition  11 AM - 3 PM
Transform your bicycle, tricycle, or scooter into a mobile work of art and then flaunt it in our annual LIC Bike Parade!

June 15: Blast to the Past: DIY Lava Lamps with MicroEmpowering
Create a lava lamp using everyday household items and recycled materials. These vibrant, mesmerizing lamps give a retro feel to any room, while also teaching participants basic scientific theory.

June 22: Artists Studio: DIY Paints with MicroEmpowering
Travel back in time and learn how the old masters made paint. Using all organic materials you too can produce vivid, rich colors to begin creating your very own masterpiece.

June 29: Produce Art with Molly Smith
Using produce from our Greenmarket, explore a variety of ways to create! You can paint with a vivid rainbow of colors made from vegetables and stamp patterns and shapes from the fascinating interiors of cut vegetables. 

July 6: Upcycled Art with Bernard Klevickas and Barbara Lubliner
Make a collaborative sculpture while recycling plastic waste. Learn techniques to transform plastic bottles and scraps into sculptural elements that will become part of a beautiful, glistening hanging sculpture.

July 13: Plaster Casting the Fantastic with Lars Fisk
Using clay and plaster, make fantastical, whimsical objects from a mold that can be painted, decorated, carved, or made in multiples.

July 20: Landscape Translation with Rachel Higgins
Like extraterrestrials trying to understand a new planet, participants will chart and re-discover the Park as a site for exploration. With an introduction to simple printmaking techniques, we will create physical impressions of our environment by creating colorful texture rubbings and prints of the surrounding surfaces.

July 27: Resist and Deposit with Travis Boyer
While discussing the art of resist dying as it exists on many continents, we’ll look at inspirational materials and create a one of a kind cold wax to dye fabrics using stamps, brushes, and a small Indigo dye vat.

August 3: DaDa Hats and Pop Art Heads with Travis Boyer
Costumes everyone! In this craft action workshop, create narrative headpieces from your wildest imaginations.

August 10: Whatever Floats Your Boat with Lillian Gerson in collaboration with Astoria Boaters and Long Island City Community Boathouse
We'll make miniature toy boats and rafts from a variety of materials and set them to sail. While we learn about the history of NYC's waterfronts, we will experiment with how to make our own sculptures float. Then, we'll test our boats in a kiddie pool before a group launch from kayaks at nearby Socrates Sculpture Park Beach at Hallets Cove.

August 17: Wearable Works of Art with Lina Puerta
During a walk around the Park, we’ll collect interesting objects whether natural or not. Such found pieces will then be turned into wearable works of art – necklaces, pins, bracelets, and more! Participants may also bring recyclables from home, such as plastic shopping bags and bottle caps.

August 24: Mixed Media Weaving with Free Style Arts Association
Learn to create your own dynamic weavings made out of a diversity of repurposed "textiles" such as leaves, sticks, plastic bags, ribbon scraps, and many more overlooked but ever-present supplies.

August 31: Plastic Bag Couture with John Hatfield
Have an embarrassing stash of those thin plastic shopping bags in your apartment? Seem like a waste? Turn them into a large fashionable tote bag of your own brilliant design. This simple cut and fuse process with an iron turns throwaways into a colorful, customized tote bag.

September 7: And the Winner is… with Elissa Goldstone
Show the world that you're a Socrates All-Star and hit one out of the Park! Using a variety of decorations and paint, make your own trophies, medals, and championship rings to award yourself for being Major League material.

September 14: Summer Memory Box with Linda Ganjian
What are your favorite memories from the summer? How can you recreate them? Inspired by the art of Joseph Cornell, we will use a variety of traditional and non-traditional art materials to make memory boxes. We will sculpt and paint, cut and glue, assemble and embellish, and add glitter when necessary, as we find ways to represent our summer stories in a neatly packaged container.

September 21: Concrete Poetry with Seldon Yuan
Have a favorite word or a word that you think is funny or interesting? How about ‘Lollypop,’ or ‘Banana,’ or maybe your own name? Turn your word into 3-dimensional sculpture… literally. We will rearrange our crafted words to see how their location changes their meaning. Words can be much more than just words!

September 28: Fiesta Time with Shaun Leonardo
Welcome to the Mexican tradition of piñatas. Piñatas are brightly colored papier-mache sculptures, filled with treats and bashed open during festive events. Participants will learn different techniques on how to decorate the papier-mache and plaster skin of piñatas that will be filled and delightfully smashed!


AT&T is proud to be the leading sponsor of the 2013 Socrates Sculpture Workshops.  This program is also supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.