Socrates Sculpture Park


Presented in partnership with Con Edison
Weekdays, July 8 - August 30, 2013
10 AM - 12 PM & 1 PM - 3 PM

These workshops are available for groups only and registration is required.  Note:  All workshops are free; however, a deposit required to register, then returned upon arrival.

These free workshops offer diverse groups of children from neighborhood youth agencies, community groups, summer schools, and day camps the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities inspired by exhibitions at the Park. Artists run two sessions of their workshop each day of the week and teach children fundamental and contemporary art-making techniques. Groups can sign up for a single workshop or a combination of weekly workshops. Registration and scheduling will be on a first come, first served basis. To register your group, please call: 718.956.1819 




July 8 - 12: Get in Shape With Your Own Shape with Mads Lynnerup

What does art and physical exercise have in common? Using wire and plaster gauze, participants will make their own unique shapes and transform their sculptures into a creative piece of fitness equipment. Once all the sculptures are completed the whole class will do a group fitness exercise together using their own sculptures.


July 15 - 19: Exquisite Corpse Mud Speak with Rachel Higgins

Get your hands dirty and uncover the imagination of your friends! Based on the Surrealist game in which words and images are collectively assembled to create blind collaborative drawings, participants will translate the words and ideas of their peers into 3-dimensional figures using clay. We will learn basic assemblage techniques and create an exquisite creature of our collective minds!


July 22 - 26: Amphoras for Us with Cecile Chong

Inspired by traditional and contemporary signs, symbols, logos, and historical figures across cultures, participants will design and paint their very own amphora (classical vase) out of plastic bottles.


July 29 - August 2: Build a Meal with Chakaia Booker

Using clay and discarded organic, manmade, and craft materials, participants will sculpt food items from each of the food groups to build a balanced meal. Each group can make a favorite dish, snack, or come up with their own food creation. Bon appétit!


August 5 - 9: Watercolor for a Brighter Future with Lillian Gerson

What do you think the world will look like in 100 years? Lets paint it! First we’ll watercolor the world as we see it today. Then we will imagine what the future will look like, while discussing subjects like climate change, rising seas, and increased pollution. We'll paint our ideas of what nature and human civilization will look like in years ahead, and overlay our future and present day images to create our very own multi-layered time travel picture.


August 12 - 16: Printing in the Park with Rob Swainston

Nature printing is a time-honored printmaking technique in which natural objects are used to print. After learning some simple printing techniques, participants will go on a short scavenger hunt in the Park to find something to use from nature. Did you know leaves can be inked and printed like a relief, wiped and printed like an etching, or used as positive/negative stencils for hand printing?!


August 19 - 23: Coat of Arms with Kimberly Kay

Young student, fly your flag higher! While examining symbolism, participants will develop their own personal Coat of Arms. We will start with drawings that we transfer to fabric flags. Whether their crest be flanked with bears, lions, stars, or dolphins, participants will work with a variety of textile applications and skills to turn these designs into expressive flags to be flown high. 


August 26 - 30: Totem Poles with Paul Duncan

The word totem is derived from the Native American Ojibwe word odoodem, meaning “his kinship group.” Each participant will generate a symbol that has personal power and meaning, then as a group add them together to form a powerful totem. Using a variety assemblage techniques and materials, participants will collaboratively construct a group totem pole reflecting their ‘Kinship Group.’



ConEdison is proud to be the leading sponsor of the 2013 Summer Outdoor Art-making Workshops.  This program is also supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.