Socrates Sculpture Park


Since the Park's early years, Plant Specialists, a talented team of architects, designers and horticulturists, has donated trees and plants to the Park and continues to do so today. In 2006, the company's owner, Grahame Hubbard, furthered their commitment to the Park by helping to enhance the landscape, as well as to redefine and expand the Park's Community Works Initiative Program.

Plant Specialists has also dedicated its resources and expertise to the Park's Exhibition and Education Programs by offering materials for artists' installations and summer workshops.

The Community Works Initiative Program
The CWIP offers employment and job training to area residents including the nearby Astoria housing projects. Participants learn basic landscaping and horticulture skills while performing grounds keeping duties and tending to the Park's gardens. The program builds appreciation for the natural landscape, provides marketable skills and future employment options, and offers exposure to the Park's various cultural resources that are available to them and their friends, families and neighbors. The CWIP employees gain technical skills and expertise from special workshops with Plant Specialists' staff and through the guidance of a Plant Specialists gardener, who is assigned to the Park full-time.